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i-Ride Scooter 2T

eni i-Ride scooter 2t is a lubricant formulated with synthetic basestock which produces very low exhaust smoke levels and is namely indicated for the latest generation of two-stroke engines.
eni i-Ride scooter 2t, though formulated specifically for oil injection systems, can be used for premix mixtures as well.

Properties and performance

  • eni i-Ride moto 2t is formulated with innovative synthetic basestocks which ensures excellent engine performance even at the highest temperatures and guarantees the maximum cleanliness of all engine parts and strong antiwear action, thus minimizing deposit formation in the combustion chamber, the ring area and the exhaust system, and reducing spark-plug fouling
  • eni i-Ride scooter 2t provides excellent protection against engine corrosion, rust and wear.

eni i-Ride scooter 2t meets the requirements of the following specifications:

Additional Info

  • Oil Manufacturer: ENI
  • Oil Type: Synthetic
  • API Guide: TC
  • JASO Standard: JASO FC
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