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i-Ride Scooter 15W-50

eni i-Ride scooter 15W-50 is a oil with synthetic basestock formulated for scooters with 4 stroke engines. Suitable for both water and air cooled engines, it withstands severe engine operation. As there are no use limitations as regards ambient temperature range, eni i-Ride scooter 15W-50 can be used in all seasons and in all latitudes.

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Properties and performance

  • The synthetic components help forming an oily film which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time, thus ensuring easy starting and greatly reducing wear even under high load conditions.
  • The presence of low-volatility synthetic components with high thermal stability reduces oil consumption, minimizing the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as sludge and other engine deposits. Furthermore it prevents ring sticking and keeps pistons clean, maintaining potential deposits in suspension.

eni i-Ride scooter 15W-50 meets the requirements of the following services and specifications:

Additional Info

  • Oil Manufacturer: ENI
  • Oil Type: Synthetic
  • Grade: 15W-50
  • ACEA Specification: A3
  • API Guide: SJ
  • JASO Standard: JASO MA, JASO MA2
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