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i-Sigma Top MS 10W-40

eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 is a modern high-performance fuel efficiency engine oil with synthetic technology for highest loads, prolonged oil change intervals for commercial vehicles, especially for vehicles with new diesel engine generations equipped with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems (EURO 5)
eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 can be used with other diesel engines, in stationary diesel aggregates and also in gas engines of heavy duty vehicles.


  • eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 meets the highest performance class for heavy duty diesel engines by the special coordination of synthetic technology and new “low SAPS” additives. To ensure a long service time of after-treatment systems any negative influence of the engine oil has to be excluded. Therefore the content of some lubricant components and characteristics (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulphur) has to be controlled. In this respect, eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 adopts a special innovative formulation in order to comply with specific chemical limitations posed by some OEMs and international specifications.
  • The fuel efficiency properties allow a fuel saving in comparison with other conventional multigrade diesel oils. The maximum efficiency and life span of the engine is ensured by the high safety from "bore-polishing", the optimum detergent effect of the oil and the low evaporation losses.
  • eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 provides outstanding engine protection. This is documented by OEMs and ACEA performance tests results, which include evaluation against bore polishing, piston ring, liner, valve train and bearing wear resistance, as well as engine cleanliness and soot protection. This minimizes down time, reduces operation and maintenance costs and allows better performance through engine life.


eni i-Sigma top MS 10W-40 has been officially approved or meets the specifications of the following engine manufacturers or organisations:

  • ACEA E6, E9, E7 issue 2
  • API CI-4
  • MB Approval 228.51
  • MAN M3477, M3271-1
  • MTU Type 3.1
  • Cummins CES 20076/20077
  • SCANIA Low Ash
  • Caterpillar CAT ECF-1a

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Brand: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Caterpillar, Man, MTU, Scania, Cummins, Deutz
  • Caterpillar Manufacturer Specs: CAT ECF-1-a
  • Cummins Manufacturer Specs: CES 20077, CES 20076
  • Deutz Manufacturer Specs: DQC IV-10 LA
  • Man Manufacturer Specs: MAN M 3277, MAN M 3477
  • Mercedes-Benz Manufacturer Specs: MB-Approval 228.51
  • MTU Manufacturer Specs: Oil category 3.1
  • Volvo Manufacturer Specs: VDS-3
  • Oil Manufacturer: ENI
  • Oil Type: Synthetic
  • Grade: 10W-40
  • ACEA Specification: E6, E7, E9
  • API Guide: CI-4
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