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Mobilcut 242

Mobilcut 242 is a biostable chlorine free high performance metalworking fluid.

Product Data Sheet

Mobilcut 242

Multipurpose Metalworking Fluid

Product Description

Mobilcut 242 is a biostable chlorine free high performance metalworking fluid.

Mobilcut 242 is formulated with high levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives to give excellent

machining performance in the most arduous of machining operations. It is particularly suitable for the machining of aluminium.


Mobilcut 242 offers the following benefits:

· Outstanding machining performance on aluminium, non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals including stainless steels

· Chlorine free therefore can be used for machining all materials including those used in the Aerospace Industry

· Low staining tendency

· Highly resistant to bacterial degradation

· Stable in a wide range of diluent water qualities

· No sticky deposits on machine tool slides and fixtures


Mobilcut 242 is recommended for all heavy duty applications on aluminium, steels and yellow metals.

Recommended Dilutions

Turning, Drilling, Sawing, Milling, Reaming 5 - 8%

ferrous and non ferrous metals

Grinding ( heavy stock removal ) 5%

Consult your local Mobil Area Sales Engineer for a precise concentration recommendation based on the application.


Use dilute emulsion, 1-2% for top up. Never top up with water.


Mobilcut 242 must be stored in frost free conditions with a minimum temperature of 5°C.


Product Characteristics

Appearance - Amber

Specific Gravity at 20ºC - 0.99

pH at 3% emulsion - 9.2

Emulsion Type - Semi translucent emulsion

Corrosion Test ( IP 287 ) - 2% Break Point


Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: Mobil
  • Category: Water Soluble
  • Fluid Type: Semi Synthetic
  • Application: Broaching, Cutting, Deep Hole Boring, Drilling, Honing, Lapping, Reaming, Sawing, Threading, Turning
  • Material Type: Aluminium Alloys, Cast Iron, Steel
  • Quantities: 205 Litre
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