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Mobil DTE 832 Turbine Oil

Mobil DTE 800 Series lubricants have been specially developed for high-output gas and steam turbines, making them ideal for combined-cycle applications. They are specifically formulated to help keep equipment clean and to provide long filter and equipment life.

Meets demanding new GE GEK 107395-A specification.

Owing to its ability to simultaneously deliver exceptional deposit control and water separation properties vital for combined-cycle applications, GE has listed Mobil DTE 832 for use in its new, high-efficiency, 520-megawatt H System (S109H).

Additional Info

  • Builder Recognition: Alstom HTGD 90 117, GEC ALSTHOM NBA P50001A, GE GEK 28143A, GE GEK 46506D, SIEMENS MAT 812101, SIEMENS MAT 812102, SIEMENS TLV 9013 04, Alstom 81 21 08, GE GEK 101941-A, GE GEK 32568-C, GE GEK 32568-E/F, Siemens Westinghouse PD-55125Z3, GE GEK 107395a
  • Industry Specification: DIN 51515 L-TD, DIN 51515 L-TG, JIS K-2213 Type 2
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