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Mobil DTE 746 Turbine Oil

Effectively simplifying your lubricant decision making, the Mobil DTE 700 Series, compatible with most existing Mobil turbine oils, performs across a varied range of features. Now there’s one oil that does the work of Mobil DTE 790, Teresstic GT, Teresstic ISO Series, Teresstic M, and Teresstic T — making your job easier and helping you reduce your inventory.

Additional Info

  • Builder Recognition: Alstom HTGD 90 117, GEC ALSTHOM NBA P50001A, GE GEK 28143A, SIEMENS MAT 812102, SIEMENS TLV 9013 04, SKODA TP 0010P/97 (CSN 65 6620)
  • Industry Specification: ASTM D 4304 Type I, ASTM D 4304 Type III, China National Std GB 11120-89 L-TSA, DIN 51515 L-TD, DIN 51515 L-TG, ISO 8068 L-TGB, ISO 8068 L-TGSB, JIS K-2213 Type 2
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