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Mindel SA26 Featured

Mindel SA26 is a ultra-high performance water mix metal working coolant, with significant addition of synthetic lubricity enhancers. Developed as a long life semi-synthetic translucent fluid for high performance on difficult machining operations with non staining on aluminium alloys.

Mindel SA26 is a unique high performance additives, special emulsifiers, surface active agents, extreme pressure additives and multi-metal corrosion inhibitors; ensures extended tool life with precision finish of components.
Mindel SA26 is formulated to meet the most stringent Health & Safety Regulations and ensures maximum safety to the operator.

Mindel SA26 does not contain any Chlorine, Nonyl phenol and NP ethoxylates, chloroparaffin EP, Sulphur EP and Phosphorus EP.


Mindel SA26 is formulated to meet most chip forming processes including sawing, turning, milling, drilling and threading, deep hole boring, reaming and tapping operations. Also can be used for centreless surface and creep grinding


Mindel SA26 is primarily designed for use on difficult to machine materials and aluminium alloys, it can also be used on a wide variety of ferrous materials and yellow metals.


High speed CNC machining 5 - 8 %
General machining 5 - 8 %
General Grinding 3 - 6 %
Reaming 6 – 10 %
Deep hole drilling 6 - 8 %

For best results before using Mindel SA26 clean the whole system beforehand with Mindel SXU an Ultra System Cleaner


Additional Info

  • Manufacturer: Medway Lubricants
  • Fluid Type: Semi Synthetic
  • Application: Broaching, Cutting, Deep Hole Boring, Drilling, General Machining, General Grinding, Honing, Lapping, Reaming, Sawing, Threading, Turning
  • Material Type: Aluminium Alloys, Cast Iron, Nickel Alloy, Steel
  • Quantities: 4 x 5 Litre, 20 Litre, 205 Litre, IBC 1000 Litre
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