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i-Sint 10W-40

eni i-Sint 10W-40 is an engine lubricant with synthetic basestock designed to lubricate cars of the latest model even when operating under the severest conditions.

Properties and performance

  • The synthetic components help form an oily film which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time, thus ensuring easy starting and greatly
  • reduced wear even under high load conditions.
  • The synthetic oil has a naturally high Viscosity Index, so it has been possible to reduce the amount of VI-improving additives, which are more subject to deterioration in use. This factor
  • has also permitted permanent extension of the viscosity range, thus combining the free-flowing qualities of the best winter grade oils when cold (SAE 10W) with the lower consumption
  • characteristic of the most viscous oils (SAE 40).
  • The presence of low-volatility synthetic components with high thermal stability reduces oil consumption due to volatility.
  • The good detergent-dispersant properties minimize the formation of lacquer and varnish, as well as sludge and other engine deposits. Hence the oil helps prevent ring sticking and keeps pistons
  • clean, while maintaining potential deposits in suspension.
  • eni i-Sint 10W-40 is very resistant to deterioration, especially that caused by oxidation resulting from prolonged exposure to high temperatures in the presence of air and other agents.

eni i-Sint 10W-40 is officially approved or meets the requirements of the following services and specifications:

  • API Service SM/CF
  • ACEA A3/B4
  • MB 229.3
  • VW 502 00 + 505 00

Additional Info

  • Vehicle Brand: Mercedes-Benz, VW
  • Mercedes-Benz Manufacturer Specs: MB-Approval 229.3
  • VW Manufacturer Specs: VW 502 00, VW 505 00
  • Oil Manufacturer: ENI
  • Oil Type: Synthetic
  • Grade: 10W-40
  • ACEA Specification: A3/B4
  • API Guide: SM, CF

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