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eni OTE EP 46 Turbine Oil

eni OTE EP 46 is designed to satisfy even the most severe lubrication requirements of steam, gas turbines. It is formulated from a specially-selected, highly-refined paraffinic base stock additive-treated to impart oxidation resistance and antirust and mild EP properties.


  • The high Viscosity Index of eni OTE EP 46 minimizes changes in viscosity throughout the normal temperature range, thus ensuring proper lubrication even at high operating temperatures.They possess very good antiwear properties, falling in FZG Stage 12
  • eni OTE EP 46 has especially high oxidation and aging resistance and does not form sludge or deposits. It is therefore suitable for extended service. Indeed it exceeds 2000 hours in the Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST).
  • Its anticorrosion and antirust properties provide effective protection of all lubricated parts, the oil circuit, storage tanks, heat exchangers, etc.
  • It has very good antifoam properties and readily eliminates entrained air thus reducing the danger of discontinuity in the lubricant film, cavitation in the circulation pump due to air locks, erratic governor operation and overflow of oil from storage tank vents.
  • It has high demulsibility. This characteristic prevents the formation of stable emulsions and ensures quick, complete separation of entrained water, thus guaranteeing continuity and homogeneity of the lubricant film.
  • It has mild EP properties which are essential for ensuring long life of turbine reduction gear units.


eni OTE EP 46 is essentially intended for the lubrication of all parts (bearings, control systems, etc.) of turbines of various types, i.e. steam, gas associated or not with gear units.


eni OTE EP 46 meets all the requirements provided by SIEMENS MAT812109

Additional Info

  • ISO VG: 46
  • Builder Recognition: Siemens MAT 812109

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