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Mobil Dynagear Series

Mobil Dynagear Series

Mobil Dynagear high-performance open-gear lubricants are designed to provide outstanding protection of heavily loaded open-gear sets exposed to a wide range of operating conditions, especially those common in the mining industry.

Mobil Dynagear 4000 is recommended by ExxonMobil for the lubrication of the hoist gear on Caterpillar Mining Electric Shovel Hoist Drum Gear sets and in applications where an extra heavy open gear lubricant is desired.
>Mobil Dynagear Extra is suitable for use as an all-season, multi-purpose grease for on-board systems on heavy duty equipment where NLGI 00 grade greases are recommended.
Mobil Dynagear Heavy is specifically designed for use in applications operating at higher ambient temperatures and requiring greater film thickness.
Mobil Dynagear SL is recommended as all season multi-purpose greases and as low temperature open gear lubricants.

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