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Rust Preventatives

During the intermediate and final stages of production, all forms of metallic components need to be protected from oxidisation that can change the surface finish, alter the appearance and damage the characteristics of the components. Specific products can be used to block or slow down this process and protect the metal.

These protective oils construct a barrier between the surface of the metal and the oxygen present in the air. Some of these products create a visible film that we can touch while others form an extremely fine, oily skin that is invisible to the naked eye.

This range includes products that provide protection for very long periods of time in extremely hostile environments, such as marine environments, and oils that simply provide protection for machinery in the intervals when it is not being used.

The choice of product depends on various factors such as the type of material that has to be protected, the length of time it has to be protected, the operations it will subsequently be used for, and the type of storage and transportation.

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